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Finasteride is the active ingredient of without prescription propecia whose action is intended to stop the process of losing hair. No prescription Finasteride lowers the concentration of DHT in the organism that leads to the cessation of damage to hair follicles, and, therefore, stops hair loss development.

Clinical trials have shown that that the preparation helps to stop hair loss in approximately 85% of men who buy propecia.

To get the noticeable effect, Finasteride no prescription should be taken not less than three months. After six months of use you will notice new hair.



A lot of pharmacies offer to buy online propecia Australia buy online propecia uk. The preparation has been used for many years so there are some data of research that can be useful for those who want to buy Finasteride online.


Thus, 1 mg of finasteride:

– safely and effectively treats male pattern balding, regardless of nationality
reduces hair loss, improving its health and stimulating the growth of new one. In 86% of patients hair loss stopped, in 65% it began to grow again. After 2 years of treatment, these indicators improved.
Side effects of finasteride (decreased libido) were noticed in 3% of patients.

After 3 months: hair loss is slowed.

After 6 months: hair loss is reduced and new growth begins.

Men, who used “Propecia” during the five years of the experiment, noted:

after 2 years: hair loss stopped, and 66 % instead of lost new
after 5 years: 9 out of 10 patients stated the obvious positive changes in their hair or new growth (48 %), or termination loss (42 %).


Before you buy online propecia Australia or buy online propecia uk, you ought to get to know precautions to follow during therapy.

Only men with androgenic alopecia are allowed to order Finasteride. Although it is not approved for use by women, women with androgenetic alopecia, who are not pregnant and do not plan to become pregnant while taking the drug, also buy online propecia. Women, especially pregnant or planning to become pregnant are not allowed to purchese propecia and even touch the capsules Finasteride. Even touching without prescription Finasteride by a pregnant woman has a high risk of damage to male germ (women who accidentally touched the contents of the capsule should wash the area of contact, to avoid side effects).

No prescription propecia can make hair thicker and thicker in some people, but its main purpose is to maintain hair that has not fallen out yet. Studies have shown that this drug works well for some types of baldness, and patient have to use it from 6 month to a year before the full effect is reached. Cheap propecia does not “work” instantly.




The preparation is easy to get. Patients are able to buy propecia Canada or buy propecia us but the dosage and duration of therapy ought to be determined by the doctor, as they depend on the patient’s age, form of the disease and the general state of the organism.


Store propecia no prescription at the temperatures of 15-30°C in a dark and inaccessible place. Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. By the way, manufacturers develop a new packaging design. It is easy to distinguish a new batch from old ones.All patients who order propecia have to strictly follow doctor’s recommendation. The dose depends on the individual characteristics of the body, body weight, physical data, scope of work, activity, etc. Average daily dose is one tablet of 1 mg once a day.  You cannot “catch up” the missed dose with multiple doses at once. There is evidence cessation of hair loss when taking ¼ tablet per day. Finasteride without prescription can be taken by putting under the tongue.




Propecia online pharmacy is available for patients. But never forget to learn about all the possible side effects before you buy online Finasteride.  The medication may cause the following side effects:

impotence (1.1 to 18.5 per cent), excessive ejaculation (7.2 per cent), decreased volume of ejaculate (0.9 to 2.8%) and sexual dysfunction (2,5%), gynecomastia (2.2 per cent), erectile dysfunction (1.3 %), impaired ejaculation (1.2%) and pain in the testicles.

These are the conditions in which you are contraindicated to buy Finasteride:

Allergic to one of the components.
The endocrine system diseases.
Hepatic insufficiency.

Prostatitis caused by a urinary infection.
The obstructive uropathy type.

Having any of these conditions, patients can’t be allowed to buy and use this medicine.


A lot of patients ask the question “where can I get cheap propecia?” The point is that today there is a great number of online pharmacies to buy online propecia Canada or buy online propecia us. Moreover, Finasteride online pharmacy offers all necessary information how to take advantage of the preparation.


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